Create your own umbrella

Bringing back trust and control

Flexr employment is the fully managed PAYE umbrella platform that lets you own 100% of the business with no start up costs.

We supply the tech, manage the employees and pay them.
You get all the upside!

Control your environment

How many times have you wondered.... "how secure is the umbrella I'm working with"? If you are like us.... then a lot!

Over the last few years, HMRC have really been clamping down on contractor payment vehicles, which, counterintuitively has led to a sharp rise of not very compliant "umbrellas".

So..... Are you really certain that:

  • Tax is being paid correctly?
  • They are really onshore and no loans involved?
  • Contractors holiday pay is not misappropriated?
  • The umbrella is solvent?
  • Your contractor data is safe?
  • They have my contractors best interests at hearts?

Well friends, fear not, because when you have your own fully managed, full PAYE umbrella, you can be confident that you are doing things right, with zero risk of getting it wrong!


That's right we did! you get: 

  • Client portal
  • Contractor app and portal
  • Payment processing platform
  • Umbrella website


That too: 

  • 24/7 call centre
  • 3 minute SLA on call backs
  • Candidate registration
  • Payment queries


That we have over 350 staff working in our customer services centres?

That every client we work with has their own allocated team?

That all your calls and emails are routed directly to your dedicated team..... No bouncing around?

Have a little look at the video on the right to see us in action.

I'm convinced!
How much does this cost?

How we operate is very much like a pay as you go sim card. You only get charged when you use us. This means no start up costs, no minimum or maximum usage and no long term commitments.

In the world of umbrella, it is recognised that the cost of sale is around £9.20 per contractor per week, this means that if an umbrella wants any sort of profit, they have to charge more.

Our entry level service costs £6.30 per contractor per week, with our fully managed service costing only £7.50 per contractor per week – meaning you could offer your contractors an amazing level of service cheaper than any other umbrella out there.

So what is it you do and how will it benefit you?


Control your cashflow

Build a saleable business with high multiple

Increase shareholder value

Set your own price point

Control your candidate data

Set your own payment terms

Guaranteed tax compliance

Improve candidate relations


Increase service range

Free up back office

Guaranteed tax compliance

Open doors to new clients and markets

Additional income for little or no work

Save time to focus on the numbers not the HR

Create a value adding business

Link sell to inhouse services


No start-up cost

Build a saleable business with high multiple

Control the speed and scale of growth

Set your own price point

Access to anew large and small clients

All tech and customer services taken care of

Additional income for little or no work

A complimentary side business


Member satisfaction

Re-invest operating profit back in to members

Run a not for profit service

Additional member services

Enhanced pension options

Tax compliance for members

Increase membership numbers

Improve member relations


No start-up cost

All Taxes and NI accounted to HMRC

Create a consortium of contractors

Build your own business

Complimentary side business

Additional income for little or no work

Strength in numbers

Access to new clients and markets

If you think it's not for you, we also do full BPO for clients; whether it's bookkeeping for accountants, hr and onboarding for recruitment agencies, or very simple payroll bureau for everyone, we have you covered, all via our very clever tech.

Did we also mention we are BACS bureau accredited!

This is exactly what I'm looking for!

What happens next?

It's call to action time; get in touch using one of the methods below and we can all explore this further

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9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Head Office

+44 (0) 3333 110 445
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