Case Study- Fair Pay Services Limited



We were approached in 2018 by Fair Pay Services who were looking to scale their operations.  For an umbrella company processing workers, timesheets, and invoices on a daily basis, growth would typically mean a costly investment in terms of time and resources.

Fair Pay services needed a solution which would be cost effective, as well as being tailored specifically to the needs of an umbrella company – something they hadn’t found elsewhere so far.

With the company already experiencing natural growth, the solution also needed to have a quick and flawless implementation.



Here’s where Flexr stepped in.  We were able to help manage the scaling of the business using our existing infrastructure and technology and also our expertise in processing payroll for SMEs.

Flexr’s innovative employee management platform takes the hassle out of managing HR and payroll for employees through a combination of online platform and human call centre, making it perfect for umbrella companies!



The result of using Flexr is that Fair Pay Services can handle fast growth without the worry. The directors can focus their time on new business opportunities safe in the knowledge that there is a sustainable and cost-effective team managing their back office.



The biggest benefit of using Flexr is being able to scale my business knowing that I have the confidence that Flexr has everything covered in the back office”

Adam Holby, Director, Fair Pay Services Limited